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ScienceJob deliver different Human Ressource Services 

ScienceJob has a high ethical standard in the work delivery and has developed best-in-class processes   



ScienceJob can support your organisation with headhunting for niche and hard-to-fill roles, both at professional and up to executive level.

We have more than 10 years of experience in headhunting and executive search.

For further information see Headhunting.



ScienceJob deliver support in different assessment tools that can be used for recruitment and employee development purposes:

Hogan Assessment - 6.000 DKK
Saville Assessment Wave - 6.000 DKK
Swift Analysis Aptitude - 3.500 DKK

ScienceJob can deliver test and feedback. The feedback session is estimated to 2 hours.

Global attraction

Global attraction

Recruitment of qualified labour from abroad is a necessity for maintaining the competitiveness of Danish businesses.

Denmark is among the countries currently experiencing the fastest growing gab between vacant positions and heads to fill them. The challenge is especially found in the area of IT, Life Science, medical and health service and enginnering.

ScienceJob source and attract international candidates from primary Scandinavia, Europe, USA, South America, Asia and Middle East.

ScienceJob has etablished close collaboration with two search agencies in India, in order to be close to the Asian labour market.

Proactive Pipelines

Proactive pipeline is the process of identifying and engaging with candidates long before the position is open. When a position is available you have a proactive recruitment pipeline of people who can fill the role quickly and more important will match the role.

In order to respond to the critical need of hard-to-get employees and ensure prepareness, ScienceJob can etstablish proactivie pipelines for your organisation.

The process includes a kick-off meeting, talent mapping, evaluation, outreach, outcoming reporting and hiring.



Focus on attracting highly educated talent is not enough. If the workplace is unable to retain staff, investments in recruitment can quickly go to waste.

Especially retention of international staff can be a challenge.

ScienceJob deliver a HR tool that measures the well-being at work.

If the workplace and daily lives fail to provide well-being, then attractive tasks are rarely enough to keep the employee motivated at work.

HR Digital Tools

HR Digital Tools

ScienceJob will launched two new digital HR tools in January 2019.

The first tool to select candidates on their ability to collaborate and generate new ideas. This is an effective tool for recruitment purposes and also very effective in an idea generation phase eg. in R&D projects.

The other tool measures the employee well-being and satisfaction, on a daily basis. To understand your employees’ levels of satisfaction and wellbeing in the workplace is a vital component to ensuring that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Executive Search

Executive search

ScienceJob has successfully placed senior candidates in executive roles for many leading companies.

ScienceJob operate internationally and are able to identify and attract the highest achievers to your business.

ScienceJob deliver a high level of professionalism in the handling of clients and candidates. We deliver on committed deadlines and ensures total transparency and support 24/7.

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