Support for HR interviews



We support hiring managers with personality- and logical assessment to give valuable and strong insights into a candidate’s behavior, preferences, emotional responses, work preferences, interactions, motivations, and potential cultural fit.



This method improves the accuracy in the selection process, streamline the process, and reduce bias in hiring decisions. We are certified in several personality- and logical test. See overview below.

Personality analysis


People Test Person is a well-documented personality test which is applicable for, among others, recruitment, personal development and value-creation for employees and leaders. 


Hogan runs three different types of personality assessments:

  1. Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI). This test assesses how you work with others, and which sides of your personality could really benefit the business you’re applying to.
  2. Hogan Development Survey (HDS). This probes the darker side of your personality to look for potential pitfalls.
  3. The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI). This examines your core motivations and what inspires you day-to-day.

Wave - Saville

Wave®Focus Style 
The personality test takes 13 minutes to complete and provides a simple and nuanced overview of the person’s expected behaviour via 36 descriptions divided into 12 competency areas.

Wave®Professional Styles
The personality test takes 40 minutes to complete and provides a detailed and nuanced overview of the person’s expected behaviour via 108 descriptions divided into 12 competency areas.

Thomas International

The Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) helps you understand your strengths, preferred communication and working styles. When used in a team, it can help build closer working relationships and make every interaction smoother.

Logical test


People Test Logic is an expanded intelligence test, which provides a detailed profile of the candidate’s intelligence and logistic competences in eight different areas as well as a calculation of the candidate’s intelligence score.

Swift Aptitude

Swift Aptitude is an aptitude test (cognitive test) from Saville. It measures the ability of critical reasoning within three aptitude areas: verbal (6 minutes), numerical (6 minutes) and abstract (6 minutes).

Target Group: Positions with a high complexity level.