We deliver the best match

The search/headhunting process includes:

  • Talent landscape
  • Search
  • Outreach
  • Shortlisting
  • Interviews
  • Assessment
  • Reference check and negotiation

We offer 12 months guarantee on hires. 

Why use search?

  • Our search support is geared towards difficult-to-fill, confidential and/or senior level management and executive level positions.
  • We apply a pro-active, strategic and process driven approach to each search in order to source and select the best talent available in the marketplace

Reduce time to hire

We estimate 8 weeks from start of the recruitment process and to hire

  • We manage the recruitment process from A to Z so your HR staff and hiring managers don´t have to spend time on the process
  • We can reduce the screening time since we find the best candidates based on our knowledge, market experience and exclusive database of candidates and get them into an interview as quickly as possible
  • All of the selected candidates are pre-screened in accordance to requirement for the position so you don´t waste time looking through CVs or interviewing unsuitable candidates

Scientific knowledge

We have educational and professional backgrounds in science, finance, IT and business

  • We have solid industry knowledge through employments at
    specialist through management level in the life science, engineering and IT industry
  • We have educational backgrounds in science and business at PhD and MBA/HD level
  • We have career backgrounds in the life science, engineering, consulting, finance and IT industry

Access to top candidates

We find the best candidates for your organisation and business 


  • Every candidate is carefully selected against requirements for the position
  • We identify perfect-fit candidates from different sources and engage with them through professional channels, such as LinkedIn
  • We work with a big talent pool since we also includes candidates that may not be actively applying for jobs but who may be interested when potential opportunities are presented to them

Best in class processes

We create best in class experience for companies and candidates

  • We have streamlined the process
  • We keep everybody involved in the process, and make sure that candidates are engaged throughout the process
  • We ensure a close follow-up
  • We are timely and honest in communication with hiring managers and candidates
  • We evaluate the process with feedback form the hiring managers, HR and candidates 

Reduce risk on bad hire

We are specialised in specific fields and understand your requirements

  • We have knowledge in selected industries and fields to understand the requirements for the position
  • That way around we are able to identify and select candidates who match your particular needs, which will help you avoid the cost of bad hires

Save money

We bring value to the recruitment process by a time consuming process and guarantee

  • We reduce the amount of time it takes to fill a position
  • Our follow-up efforts, help to enhance the retention levels of the hired candidate
  • We deliver a guarantee of 12 months for placed candidates