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The traditional job search can be a very time consuming, frustrating and a painful process. You spent hours searching on job boards, and when you have found an interesting vacancy you need to spent hours again on adjusting your resumé and writing a cover letter that explains why you are great for this particular job. And the results of your efforts are not always as expected, as there can be 100 or more applicants per job posting, and they all have the same or better skills as you.Further not all posted jobs will be filled, because internal changes removes the need or the company promote someone internally. Sometimes business post jobs with no intention of filling them. They’re looking for applicants to put in their files so that they have a supply of candidates for potential job openings.That is where we come in.

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THE PROCESSWe only expose you to relevant jobsTo find the right job is a very time ressourcing process. We are here to make the process effective and much easier you. As soon as we know about your profile and career plans, we will keep you posted about suitable positions. Anonymous profileWe keep your profile anonymous until we have discussed a career opportunity with you and you have agreed that your candidacy can be represented to an employer.We promote your skillsIf we believe you have the right profile for a job, we will introduce you to our client and share your profesional value in ways that are professional and well articulated. We will let the employer know about your work experience, leadership experience, technical skills, education, training and career plans.We keep you updatedWe follow the recruitment process very closely and make sure that you are updated throughout the process.