We promote your career

We market your skills and promote your career

We only expose you to relevant jobs

  • To find the right job is a very time ressourcing process.
  • We are here to make the process effective and much easier you.
  • As soon as we know about your profile and career plans, we will keep you posted about suitable positions.

Anonymous profile

We keep your profile anonymous until we have discussed a career opportunity with you and you have agreed that your candidacy can be represented to an employer.

We promote your skills

If we believe you have the right profile for a position, we will reach out to you to enter a dialogue about the opportunity and promote your skills to the employer.

We keep you posted 

We follow the recruitment process very closely and make sure that you are updated throughout the process.

Career coaching

We help you figure out about your next step in your career or how to handle challenges in your employment.

  • Career planning
  • Outreach to potential employers
  • Preparation for interviews and CV
  • Personal and logic profile
  • Work/life balance
  • How to avoid burnout

Please reach out to Lilian Nilsson by mobile +45 20643900 or email to learn more or to book a session.