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Executive Search

We have more +10 years of experience in Executive Search & Headhunting

We have successfully placed senior candidates in executive roles for many leading companies.

We operate internationally and are able to identify and attract the highest achievers to your business. 

we deliver a high level of professionalism in the handling of clients and candidates. We deliver on committed deadlines and ensures total transparency and support 24/7.

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We deliver personality tests from Hogan, Saville  and Thomas International

We deliver assessment for recruitment and employee development

Hogan - 6.000 DKK/test
Wave - 6.000 DKK/test
Swift Analysis Aptitude - 3.500 DKK
Thomas International PPA - 3.000 DKK


We can establish proactive pipelines for your organisation with ready to hire candidates

Proactive pipeline is the process of identifying and engaging with candidates long before the position is open.

In order to respond to the critical need of hard-to-get employees and ensure preparedness, ScienceJob can establish proactive pipelines for your organisation.

Global attraction

We source and attract international candidates from primary Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East

Recruitment of qualified labour from abroad is a necessity for maintaining the competitiveness of Danish business. 

The challenge is especially in the field of life science, IT and engineering.